Community Response Team

The CRT (Community Response Team) duty roster system was set up to try and
ensure that there is always someone in the Village who knows the CRT systems
and procedures in case of fire, road traffic accidents, earthquakes and all other
emergencies. As the Village grows it is becoming increasingly important that we
have trained residents available to ensure the safety and security of all land,
homes and assets within and adjacent to the Village confines.

A duty week is from 10.00am Monday until 10.00am the following Monday.

There may be times when it is not possible to have a rostered CRT team member
on duty and this will require a response from other Villagers, indicating that more
support is required in the interests of community response for the safety and
security of all.

Please check this page regularly to familiarise yourself with who is on duty, and this
will also be shown in the window of the ICP (Incident Control Point).


Dick & Lin Moore021 736 761
Ron Hay027 335 5905
Liz Hay021 238 4130
Liz Dart021 065 7511
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