Fire Safety in the home


Each house owner should be familiar with their own fire prevention / safety requirements.

The local Village fire brigade has six trained fire fighters and can be called by activating the siren (instructions in window of the ICP (Incident Control Point). Support will be provided by Springfield and Arthur’s Pass brigades which are at least 50 minutes away, AFTER a 111 call.

It is up to YOU to get your people out safely.

At home – preparation

  • Know your fire exits and ensure you have an evacuation plan!
  • Always look for a second exit when you are staying at a new place
  • Before retiring, ensure fireplace is secure, candles are out, stove is off and close internal doors
  • Check placement of fire extinguishers (one in kitchen and one by main exit) and hoses (these will freeze in winter – drain before storing)
  • Check smoke alarms (upstairs, downstairs, by bedrooms)
  • Mow long grass near your house
  • Store ashes in metal container (do not dispose of in Village rubbish skips)
  • Do not vacuum up ashes – empty vac-sac if in doubt (not into skip bins)
  • In winter make sure everyone has a set of warm clothes, boots and car keys handy for a quick escape

Village Fire-fighting equipment and use

FENZ (Fire and Emergency NZ) provide a fire-fighting trailer which is located alongside the ICP (Incident Control Point) and contains hoses, hydrant risers, hydrant key and key bar, as well as nozzles and an 11hp pump with suction hoses. However, usually the pump will not be required as there is sufficient hydrant pressure for fire suppression.

In the event of a structure or vegetation fire, there will only be a limited time to arrange the first response. Therefore, it is recommended that equipment be taken from the trailer by first responders with the fire trailer being brought to the fire ground later by other personnel.

There are regular fire trainings for the trained fire crew, and separate trainings for the Village as a whole where the details of obtaining the right equipment from the trailer will be covered along with how to uplift the trailer.

There is always an up-to-date full list of the CRT Duty and Support Team names and numbers in the window on the east wall of the ICP (Incident Control Point).

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