Join the CHCA

Although this website has handy information, services and history of the village, you can benefit from further information relevant to the village. This is via newsletters and notification emails (for more immediate notifications). Additionally you are given a reduced rate for hiring the hall and access to the rental houses listing for those searching for accommodation on the Castle Hill Holiday Homes website. The small annual fee supports the Association in representing the community’s interests, facilitating local events, and extra little bits of community fun organised by the committee and other association members throughout the year.

Please complete and submit the form below to apply to join the CHCA.

Annual membership fee: $70
Reducible to $60 if paid by 31 May.

If you’d also like to list your house for holiday rental on, please contact Conor Boyd for further information; payment for house listings is no longer managed by the CHCA.

Once your application to join has been processed, you’ll receive an email with details to log in to the CHCA website where you’ll be able to pay for your annual membership using either internet banking or credit card.

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