In case of a fire emergency

In the event of a fire emergency, ascertain whether it is external vegetation or a house structure fire. In the event that it is a house structure fire:

  • Evacuate everyone from the house to a safe area outdoors, well away from the fire scene, and ensure they stay together.
  • If you consider the fire too big or too difficult to extinguish with a fire extinguisher, whether it is external vegetation or structure fire, ring 111 or, if unsure, ring 111 anyway.
  • Send one person from the household to the ICP (Incident Control Point)
  • Point), the small green building situated alongside the tennis court, to activate the fire/emergency siren (instructions in window of the ICP).
  • That person should remain there until local Village volunteer fire crew arrive when circumstances and initial fire suppression will be established.
  • Where safely possible, turn off gas cylinders and mains power supply when leaving the house, after closing windows and doors.
  • The fire crew will direct that evacuated personnel be relocated to the Emergency Centre (Village Hall) where assistance will be provided.
  • If the event is a vegetation fire, stay at the ICP until assistance arrives.

Village Fire-fighting equipment and use

FENZ (Fire and Emergency NZ) provide a fire-fighting trailer which is located alongside the ICP (Incident Control Point) and contains hoses, hydrant risers, hydrant key and key bar, as well as nozzles and an 11hp pump with suction hoses. However, usually the pump will not be required as there is sufficient hydrant pressure for fire suppression.

In the event of a fire, be aware that you will only have a limited amount of time to tow the trailer to the fire, and set up the fire-fighting equipment.

There is always an up-to-date full list of the CRT Duty and Support Team names and numbers in the window on the east wall of the ICP (Incident Control Point).

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