Tree Removal Request

After reviewing the tree removal request process, please complete the form below to submit a tree removal request to Selwyn District Council.

The Reserves Management Plan, under which tree removals are considered, can be downloaded from the Selwyn District Council website.

Please note: tree removal requests are received and handled by Selwyn District Council (SDC). You should expect to hear back from SDC (not CHCA) regarding your request. SDC Reserves can be reached at .

    Primary Applicant


    Other Applicants

    If this is a joint application by a group of neighbours, please list the other applicants here:


    Please provide a description of the reserves trees you would like to remove and/or add. If possible describe the number of trees and their species.
    Which RMP Map shows the location of this application?

    If possible, please upload a marked-up image file (eg PDF/JPG/PNG) that illustrates what you are requesting (ie. which trees you are applying to remove, new areas of proposed planting and species). Detailed maps can be copied from the RMP document or downloaded from here.

    PDFs & images only; 3MB max filesize.
    Larger/other files can be provided directly to the Reserves Committee once they contact you regarding your request.

    Please comment on why you would like these trees to be removed and/or added to the reserve. Any reference to compliance with, or deviation from, the current RMP will assist us in understanding your request.
    Please describe any consultation you have had with neighbours adjacent to the affected reserve.
    Please comment on when you hope to have any approvals actioned and whether there are any timeframes (such as building a house or Spring planting) that it would be useful for us to understand when processing this application.

    Thank you for completing this form. You will receive an auto-reply via email if this form has been successfully submitted via the website and a member of the Reserves Subcommittee should contact you within the next 4 weeks.

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