In case of emergency


If the Alpine Fault moves, the subsequent earthquake will be significant, predicted to be over Magnitude 8.0 Richter Scale, 1000 times bigger than the Christchurch quakes. If it occurs, and if you are here in the Village, the following should occur:

  • During the quake – drop, cover and hold (this could last for many minutes).
  • Once it is safe to do so – check your family’s safety remembering there will be many severe aftershocks to follow.
  • If there is a fire in or near the house – get outside and stay out. Go to the ICP (Incident Control Point) and activate the fire siren after dialling 111.
  • Turn off any gas bottles and mains power.
  • Apply first aid to any injuries you are capable of dealing with.
  • Wait for your Street Coordinator (appointed by the Community Response Team ) to stop by and gather information and assist you where practical.
  • If everybody is okay – stay in your house, OR
  • If you wish to offer help to the CRT, move to the Hall or ICP for instructions.

The CASTLE HILL VILLAGE INCIDENT CONTROL POINT (ICP), the small green building adjacent to the tennis court, is the Village Civil Defence Communications Centre and we have a Community Response Team in the Village who will go there as soon as they are able. It is also the location of the satellite phone and radio for communicating with Selwyn Civil Defence Emergency Operations Centre (will require assistance from a CRT member to open the ICP for access). The Village Hall will be the Emergency Reporting Station and Emergency Centre.

  1. Secure your household first. Remain in your home if you are able and support others around you.
  2. Each street will have a Coordinator who will make contact with you as soon as they have secured their own home. They will gather information regarding your needs and the status of your street and report this to the ICP. The aim is to keep people comfortable and safe in their own homes or with neighbours who can provide shelter and comfort, in the nowledge that others are doing the same in other streets.
  3. Make your way to the Village Hall only if you haven’t been able to convey your needs to your Street Coordinator, or wish to offer assistance. Please leave a note if you leave your home so we know you are OK.

Medical Emergencies

The nearest medical centre is Darfield Medical Centre , 03 318 8511 (45 mins drive).

Or call emergency services (111) and go to the ICP, and follow instructions in the window above the Emergency sign.

We have a list in the ICP of GPs, nurses, first aiders, etc., who may be in the Village. This list can only be accessed via a CRT member (list of CRT members names and phone numbers can be found in the window above the Emergency sign).

Defibrillator (AED): north exterior wall of the ICP (cabinet unlocked).

Satellite Phone: this is located inside the ICP and will be operated by a CRT member.

There is always an up-to-date full list of the CRT Duty and Support Team names and numbers in the window on the east wall of the ICP (Incident Control Point).

The Selwyn District Council has supported Villagers to form and train a Community Response Team. This team can be activated in an emergency.

RolePersonPhone Number
CRT LeaderDick Moore021 736 761
Deputy CRT LeaderRick Hill027 432 5101
CommsBruce Lord
Glenn Fergus
027 430 0936
027 475 6347
Welfare OfficerGeorgie Greig022 136 6529

SDC has a website called Selwyn Gets Ready where residents are advised to register their details. Registration ensures receipt of text and email messages with weather warnings, fire evacuation notices, boil water notices and other emergency information.

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