Fires and Firefighting


Each house owner should be familiar with their own fire prevention / management requirements.

The local fire brigade is 50 minutes away AFTER a 111 call!

It is up to YOU to get your people out safely.

At home – preparation

  • Know your fire exits and ensure you have an evacuation plan!
  • Always look for a second exit when you are staying at a new place
  • Before retiring, ensure fireplace is secure, candles are out, stove is off and close internal doors
  • Check placement of fire extinguishers (one in kitchen and one by main exit) and hoses (these will freeze in winter – drain before storing)
  • Check smoke alarms (upstairs, downstairs, by bedrooms)
  • Mow long grass near your house
  • Store ashes in metal container (do not dispose of in Village rubbish skips)
  • Do not vacuum up ashes – empty vac-sac if in doubt (not into skip bins)
  • In winter make sure everyone has a set of warm clothes, boots and car keys handy for a quick escape

Village Fire-fighting equipment and use

SDC provide a fire-fighting trailer which is located on Trellisick Loop on a rise across the road from the main playground.

In the event of a fire, be aware you will only have a limited amount of time to tow the trailer to the fire, and set up the fire-fighting equipment.