Village Memorial Garden

The following guidelines/protocols are for the placement of plaques on the Castle Hill Village Memorial Garden pillars. The memorial garden is to be managed by the Selwyn District Council (SDC) in consultation with the Castle Hill Community Association (CHCA) on applications for the plaques. The memorial garden is available for any ratepayer whose family member has died and has had an association with the Village. The garden wooden pillars range in height from 1000mm (x2) to 1200mm (x2) to 1300mm (x2).

The following guidelines are to be followed:

  • SDC will manage the Memorial Garden protocols/placements in consultation with CHCA on applications.
  • Family members need to complete an application form detailing proposed plaques and placement and submit it to SDC.
  • The plaques are to be made of aluminium or stainless steel, not copper or brass.
  • The maximum plaque size to be set at 250mm wide x 150mm deep – they can be smaller.
  • The shapes of the plaques can vary – see image.
  • Plaques to be secured onto pillars with stainless-steel screws.
  • Respectful plaque wording is up to the applicants but subject to approval.
  • The applicant will have the plaque made and cover the cost.
    There are a number of manufacturers who engrave plaques.
  • The CHCA can supervise the securing of the plaques in communication with SDC.
  • If any plaques go missing from the site, SDC is not responsible for replacement or costs. SDC will check application records and make contact with CHCA if this occurs.

There are to be no burials or scattering of ashes as per Selwyn District Council Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2009.


Either download the PDF below and email the completed form to SDC, or complete and submit the online form on this page.

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